Bangalore South University Affiliated MBA Colleges

Bangalore South University Affiliated MBA Colleges

The University of Bangalore is located in the Garden City of Bangalore which was established as a shooting of “IT Capital of India”, University of Mysore in July 1964, mainly in the metropolitan cities of Bangalore and Bangalore, Kolar and Tumkur districts.

Bangalore Affiliated Colleges Bangalore South University, Bangalore

Higher educational institutions of India, which eventually became a separate university. Initially, the city’s two major colleges, Central College (CC) and Uni Varsity Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE) formed the center of Bangalore University.

As a first step in the re-organization of course instructions, the University started Honors courses in the year 1965–66, soon after the establishment of Bangalore University.

The three-year Honors courses in

  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • English
  • Geology
  • Kannada
  • Mathematics
  • Zoology

which were presented only in the postgraduate departments of the university have attracted many brilliant students. Students who have passed Honors were given postgraduate courses on priority and admission to B.A / B.Sc. Graduates who missed a minor for admission to post graduate courses were given the opportunity to join the final year Honors course and then to take admission in post graduate courses.

Bangalore South University Affiliated MBA Colleges

a large number of affiliated colleges, P.G. Centers with a rich diversity of program options. In line with this expansion, in 1973, the university located 1100 acres of land in a new campus called Ance Gyan Bharati ‘(JB) and shifted many of its postgraduate departments to this newly established campus. Presently, the JB Campus houses the

  • Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Registrar (Evaluation), Finance Officer
  • and a large number of Post Graduate Departments, Directorates,
  • Centers for Higher Education,
  • NSS Buildings,
  • Outdoor Stadiums and other ancillary services.

University Law College, started in 1948 and started in 1959, The College of Physical Education is located in JB Campus.

The University also held Gandhi Bhawan, Drs. BR Ambedkar Study and Research Center, and Center for Study on Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy.

Bangalore South University complete its two-year philosophy and is consider one of the largest universities in Asia. Although originally intended to be a federal university

Bangalore Affiliated Colleges Bangalore South University, Bangalore

  • The university was first accredited by NAAC in 2002 with Five Star status, re-accretion in 2008 and in 2016 with an ‘A’ grade in 2 and 3
  • BRICS-2016, an international agency rank Bangalore University 151 among the BRICS countries.
  • As per the Hansa Research Survey 2016 publishing WEEK-May 29, 2016 issue, Bangalore University is ranked No. 15 among the top multi-disciplinary universities at all-India level.
  • No.9 among the top state multi-disciplinary universities.
  • It is number 5 in the southern region and number 1 in the state of Karnataka.

Academically, the university is structure into six faculties:

  • Arts, Sciences
  • Commerce and Management
  • Education
  • Law
  • Engineering.

It has 48 Post Graduate Departments, a Post Graduate Center in Kolar (start during 1994-95), four University Colleges, 684 Affiliation Colleges and many other centers and Directorates of Higher Learning and Research. Currently, the university offers 50 postgraduate courses and employment orient diploma and certificate courses. The university has introduce five-year integrate courses in biological sciences.

The university is also reaching out to the society through its dissemination area by bringing publications on issues of contemporary relevance and organizing endowment and extension lectures.

Bangalore University has achieve milestones by establishing MoUs with universities and institutes of national and international repute.

To cater to the student population of over three lakhs, the university is striving to reach, expand and excel in higher education. The vision of the university is to make specific and significant contributions to the cause of

Higher education in

  • humanities
  • social sciences
  • law
  • commerce
  • science
  • technology

The University is providing quality education and encouragement to carry out research in border areas with social relevance that reflects its mission and goals as its symbol N Gnanam Designna Sihatam.

Bangalore South University Affiliated MBA Colleges

  • Acharyas Bangalore B School
  • Administrative Management College
  • AIMS Institute of Higher Education
  • Atma College
  • Bangalore Institute of Management Studies
  • Christ Academy Institute for Advanced Studies
  • City College
  • Dayananda Sagar College of Arts, Science & Commerce College
  • Don Bosco Institute of Management Studies & Computer Applications
  • East West College of Management
  • G.T. Institute Management Studies & Research
  • Global Institute 0f Management Sciences
  • Government First Grade College
  • Hill Side Institute of Management
  • IFIM College
  • Imperial Institute of Advanced Management
  • Indian Institute of Plantation Management
  • International Academy of Management & Entrepreneurship
  • ISBR College
  • Lorven International Institute of Management Studies
  • Lorven St. Xavier College
  • NSB Academy
  • Oxbridge Business School
  • Padmashree Institute 0f Management & Science, Kommagatta Villege
  • R.R. Institute of Adavanced Studies
  • S.V.R. College of Commerce & Management Studies
  • Shushruti Institute of Business Management Studies
  • Surana College
  • T John Institute of Management and Science
  • T. John College
  • The Oxford College of Business Management